Practice for Holistic Development and Healing

“Healing is a mystery. Just like the wisdom of our bodies. Deep wisdom resides in everything, in people and in life itself. A constant source of the ineffable. A living reality that cannot be grasped by the intellect.”

Katrin Mikolitch, M.D. Practice for Holistic Development and Healing

WHO: I have been a holistic doctor with my own practice in Düsseldorf for over 20 years. It brings me great joy and fills me with humility and wonder to perceive the beauty of a person, another soul, and give him or her the space for healing to transpire. My Being, my intuition, my essence and my long experience as a doctor help people in their process of self-development. While doing so I have the ability to see. I can see people for what they truly are. I can sense the great potential and extraordinary spirituality each of us carries within and which can be developed. In the process, I lead them into the vastness, into freedom and autonomy. Into sensing the depths of their own wisdom.


WHY: I regard it as my life task to bring healing and change to people. This comes easy to me, and corresponds with my inner nature.

As a child I played with energy, was interested in medicinal plants and spiritual paths. I loved my medical studies. Zen meditation and much psychological-therapeutic training enriched my life path. I love my work when I can offer support to people in the midst of an existential crisis and fear, and so afford them a foothold for their development and transformation.


HOW: I work with energy and intuition and apply everything that I have learnt and experienced. I am flowing and flexible and, as a result, all treatment is unique. As distinct, in fact, as the person himself. I can sense, describe and transform energy. My work with people represents a way out of duality and pain, into another level of consciousness beyond pain. Closer to the soul and Oneness. The greatest healing occurs when I AM and sense. The present moment. I can support a person in his or her most profound despair, deepest fear, sense of mortality or whatever pain is there. I am present. This all takes placer with a loving, smiling gaze, because I truly sense that, in the end, there is only Oneness, Connection and Love.


WHAT DO I DO: Whether a person is suffering from a trauma, chronic illness, has encountered his own mortality, or is in a momentary crisis – or longs for a deep-seated transformation in his life: I am there for him or her. I reveal to my patients new levels of sensing and understanding, so that he can once again live in accordance with his deepest self. What is calling him in his life? What desires change? I offer a clear and gentle space in which we can listen to the messages of wisdom from his body or where his soul wants to go.


I TREAT all people for whom the inner or outer balance has been lost. Essentially all bodily and psychological complaints and illnesses that require a holistic approach.


I ACCOMPANY people who are passing through challenging stages of development such as birth, death, sexual transformation, the desire for a child, pregnancy, partnership, grieving, trauma, cancer, fears or crisis.


I STRENGTHEN people when confronting major life decisions so that harmony, balance and fulfillment can be attained.


I OFFER supervision, training and coaching for career development.


I GIVE regular spiritual presentations as meditations or energic exercises as podcasts or monthly blog entries.



“Enlightenment is total awareness of who you are.
Being energy. Being human. Being all that is.”
K. Mikolitch


  • Medical training, 1997 Finals: grade A; overall grade B.
  • 2001 – present: private medical practice
  • Development and realization of conferences, speeches and further education courses for medical professionals
  • 2004 Founding of the Kaiserschnitt-Netzwerkes (Caesarean Network) www.kaiserschnitt-netzwerk.de
  • 2008 – Present: Advisor for the firm Ceres Heilmittel GmbH
  • 2012 – Present: Supervision and training in intuitive energic medicine


25 years of experience in meditation (1994 – 2001 Zen meditation, Soto Zen)

Training in acupuncture, energic body therapy, trauma therapy

Training in energic healing, intuition schooling, psychosocial grief and terminal care




Katrin Mikolitch, M.D.

Practice for Holistic Development and Healing

Unter den Erlen 7 in 40489 Düsseldorf, Germany

Tel. +49 (0) 160 92379185  info@mikolitch.de    www.mikolitch.de


Individual therapy, seminars, supervision, coaching, spiritual training and meditation live or per telephone, skype, zoom and podcast.




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